Saturday trip… Perfect with The Young Gods.

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Trip on Mount Luboń and we saw such a phenomenon of nature. Perfect with The Young Gods
ambient piece Arcia in the background. They come to Krakow next month!

Takie zjawisko napotkaliśmy idąc szlakiem na Luboń.
W tle The Young Gods z ambientowego „Music for artificial clouds” gdyż już za miesiąc będą w Krakowie!

Armadillo brooch almost ready.

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armadillo_almost ready
Armadillo brooch still made of recycled black leather. This time for Pam from Boston.

Stork on stalk :)

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img_8281_mimg_8291korekta_full_mimg_8275_kNorth Poland – Garczegorze, on crossroads lonely stork on stalk...