Very busy December for my little studio, but it was worth :)

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Very busy December for my little studo ?  after reading last reviews I know that it was worth of it.

Dużo pracy było w grudniu w moim małym studiu   Jak czytam ostatnie opinie to było warto…


  1. Patricia Heitzler
    9 stycznia 2019

    While ago, I ordered a shark for my house but I needed a special order for a different size. I want to say thank you (a bit late…)for your uncomplicated, kind and quick way. I love my shark and it is an eye catcher for everyone who enters the house. And because I know the shark was made a a very kind lady I love him even more?

    • Jolanta Uczarczyk
      10 stycznia 2019

      Dear Patricia,
      it was a real pleasure to work on it and to work for you.
      I’m very glad read about your experience, because it make me sure that I have to keep doing 🙂 Thank you.


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