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Modern Acrylic Bird Feeders by Jolanta Uczarczyk

Red head is back!

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At almost the same time Red Head is back on my tree today. European green woodpecker (Picus viridis). Taken on 12.11.2018 at 16.20, view from my studio window. Kraków, Poland.

Green woodpecker

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GREEN WOODPECKER breaking news – just before sunset come great woodpecker on my oak tree. Taken on 11.11.2018 at 16.11. View from my studio window. Krakow, Poland. — Z ostatniej chwili… Tuż przed zachodem słońca na przyleciał dzięcioł zielony. Widok z okna mojej pracowni, 11.11.2018, godz. 16.11 Kraków.

What a bird!

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I wake up this morning, go to the window and saw this bird. It is a sparrow-hawk male (Accipiter nisus). I saw it for the first time and it was on my oak. There was something to look at. Unfortunately arrived magpie and began to harass him so he flew away. Today 10/11/2018 from the […]

Gdynia zoom…

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GDYNIA ZOOM… This time, after returning from Gdynia, I have two thoughts. The first is that Fangor had to be there, on the Gdynia boulevard at sunset. And the second, after seeing the exhibition of Mr. Karol Śliwka in the Museum of Gdynia, that the sculpture is the most important of the arts. The best […]

The rook.

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The rook (Corvus frugilegus). Today on my oak tree.View from my studio window. 30.10.2018. Krakow, Poland. — Gawron (Corvus frugilegus). Dziś na moim dębie. Z okna mojej pracowni. 30.10.2018, Kraków.

Shark got new home :)

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Send from Kasia

Back an old couple :)

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Boring… An old couple of collared doves ( Streptopelia decaocto) back on my oak tree. Taken on 7.10.2018. View ew from my studio window. Kraków, Poland __ Wiem że to nudne ale… Stara para sierpówek wróciła na mojego dęba. W dniu 7.10.2018. Widok z okna mojej pracowni. Kraków, Polska.

Behind the leaf…

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Behind the leaf… Starling (Sturnus vulgaris) from my studio window. Kraków, Poland — Za listkiem… Szpak (Sturnus vulgaris) z okna mojej pracowni. Kraków.

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