Singing blackbird on our willow today.

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Two blackbirds, one song and collared dove (Kubuś) on our willow today. — Dwa kosy, piosenka i Kubus (sierpówka) dzis na naszej wierzbie.

Gecko Handy Shelf > direction München.

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Thank you Steffanie!

Time to relax. She – wood pigeon

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Today on our willow. She – wood pigeon (Columba palumbus). — Grzywacz (Columba palumbus) dziś na naszej wierzbie


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Usually meet them somewhere on the lawns, close to people. Suddenly a jackdaw on a tree! A beautiful, though common bird, fit well with spring green. Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) Jackdaw, jackdaw (Corvus monedula). — Zwykle plączą się gdzieś pod nogami a tu kawka na drzewie! Piękny, choć pospolity ptak i jak jej do twarzy wiosennej […]

Today was a beautiful day, I caught a magpie!

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Piękny był dziś dzień, złapałam sroczkę!

Bird watching season is open.

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Today morning we started the bird watching season, but the only attraction was this pair of „bears” on the edge of the forest and the river, waiting to bark the dogs taken for walks from the nearby housing estates… We are waiting for oriole, which we visited regularly in May last year. A few snapshots […]

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