TUBE bird feederTUBE bird feeder



Made of acrylic glass and a wooden landing step. Stuck to the window glass by a silicone suction cup and hanging on cotton strings (with a plastic element that intentionally resembles red berries). Indicated for small birds (like sparrows, titmouses, etc).
Good feelings guaranteed.
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Materials used: wood, acrylic glass, cotton string, silicone suction cup.
Colour: transparent, natural wood.
Dimensions (TUBE): W: 11 cm / 4,3 inch H: 11 cm / 4,3 inch (height with the string: aprox. 25cm  / 9,8 – 11,8 inch
or shorter when needed)
Models: Bauhaus, Tube, House

Story of developing the idea of Tweet Resto Bar birdfeeders in Storybird.

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