I am proud to say: sharks are my worldwide bestsellers. From Australia to North America
and from South America to Asia. Including Africa and Europe.
In the beginning I was looking for a laundry basket to my bathroom. Then I designed one – minimalistic,
functional and appealing to sense of humour. It is a perfect decor and may be use as basket for toys in a kids room.
It may be positioned as a free standing element but also, thanks to its material,
may be squeezed behind e.g. a washing machine without losing none of its aesthetic valour.

Handmade of synthetic felt.

colours: gray or anthracite felt
teeth colours: white (felt), silver or gold (eco leather).
size: S, M, L

All models:
Goldfish & Silver Jaw
Anthracite Shark
Baby Shark
Shark Laundry Basket (basic)
Size M (basic)

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