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Felt laundry baskets for bathroom or children’s room as a basket for toys from Uczarczyk. Sharks with silver and gold teeth. Might be placed both in the bathroom for laundry and in the children’s room as a basket for toys. It might be positioned as a free standing element but also, thanks to its material, it might be squeezed behind e.g. a washing machine without losing none of its aesthetic valour. The shark has a minimalistic character which strongly appeals to sense of humour and, at the same time, it is highly functional. It is a prefect decorative element both for small and big spaces, and both for modern or more traditional environments. It`s oryginal work, handmade and copywrighted.

Material: 100% gray poliester felt / made in Poland /
Size: width: 40 cm, high: 98 cm, depth: 25 cm  / Size: width: 15,7 inch, high: 38,5 inch, dept: 9,8 inch
Teeth: gold / silver eco leather or white felt.
Models: Shark Laundry Basket, Anthracite Shark, Goldfish & Silver Jaw, Baby Shark.

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