For all tea lovers around an Easter table.
This is set designed especially for Easter.

– THE DUCK / handmade felt tea cozy. Made of grey very strong synthetic felt. Keeps warm for more than half and hour.
I believe it is a cosy and modern Easter decoration as well. Available in black
– EASTER EGG PADS (7 available patterns) inspired by traditional polish “pisanka”
– POSTCARD hand-painted

Actual size: circumference: 53 cm / length: 26 cm / width: 14 cm / height: (highest point) 21 cm / height: 15 cm
Material: polyester felt made in Poland/EU.

“Pisanka” is one of the most characteristic traditional Easter decoration item in Poland. It is richly ornamented and decorated egg,
and specifically refers to an egg created by the written-wax batik method and utilizing traditional folk motifs and designs.
There are many types of decorated eggs, distinctive motifs and manufacturing methods specific to the regions in which they were created.

Other models / accessories:
MASK tea cozy
Gray DUCK tea cozy
Anthracite DUCK tea cozy
Base heat pads

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Price: €70

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