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After more than a year of research and testing I can finally recommend my new TiTUBE bird feeder – dedicated to tits and other small birds. Titmouse is a frequently encountered, liked and fed bird. It is hard to find more joyful sign of morning than a tit arriving at the feeder (and then coming back all day).
As my previous pipe/TUBE form worked well and the birds seemed to like it, this model differs in the first place with a new graphic element. More importantly, the method of attaching the lines is also new, as is the landing strip for birds, which at the same time allows to place a larger portion of food in the feeder.

For more information and photos describing the process of creating and testing the feeder please visit my blog.

TiTUBE feeder is made of acrylic glass and the landing pad is made of plywood. The feeder is attached to the glass with a silicone suction cup and suspended on a polyester cord (with a plastic element that intentionally resembles red berries).

Watch more on my Youtube channel.

Dimensions (TiTUBE): Width: 10 cm / 4,9 inch Height: 10 cm / 4,9 inch Dept: 10 cm / 4,9 inch
(height with the cord: approx. 25cm  / 9,8 – 11,8 inch or shorter when needed).

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Price: €65

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