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I am a tea lover. And it was always hard for me to keep my tea warm during infusing and serving.
I am also a designer who looks for simple, effective, elegant but also unique solutions to everyday challenges.

The MASK idea came to my mind during a long difficult 2020 lockdown.
African art and specially African masks are one of the most inspiring and adored art. I love their simplicity and minimalism emphasized by a strong expression.
This tea cozy is made of anthracite polyester felt and keeps warm for hours.
I believe it is elegant kitchen decor as well.


circumference: 53 cm
length: 26 cm
width: 14 cm
height: 15 cm – 21 cm

Set with glass teapot 1.5l (on photo) and felt pad.

Other models / accessories:
Gray DUCK tea cozy
Anthracite DUCK tea cozy
Base heat pads
Easter tea cozy set

Willing to buy?
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Price: €70

Please check shops announcement for current promotion.