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Easy to carry, easy to use with 3 zips and waterproof pocket!
My new design for spring and summer.

Like no other looks great on one shoulder :)!
Securely closed with a large black buckle with an adjustable strap, allowing you to adjust the size of the backpack to your needs. Finished with a light gray waterproof Cordura fabric, zippered. The folded version on the picture is 40 cm high, 30 cm wide.

Why is it easy to use?
Not only from above but also from the side you can get quickly inside the backpack.

Back waterproof pocket.
Not only for your favorite book but also for a phone, wallet or documents and everything else you need to protect from moisture.
At the same time it is really roomy up to A4.

White, black and light gray colours.
Zippers finished with natural black recycled leather.

Total size:
high: 60 cm / 152,4 inch
width 37 cm / 93,98 inch
depth: 10 cm / 25 inch

40 cm / 101,6 inch
width 37 cm / 93,98 inch
depth: 10 cm / 25 inch

Willing to buy?
Visit: ETSY
Price: €75
Check shops announcement for current promotion.